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Au revoir mon petit Suçuk

by | Nov 23, 2008 | Food

Since returning from Istanbul on a whirlwind five day cooking vacation, I have been devouring my favorite Turkish delicacy, suçuk or soujouk; a spiced sausage that is insatiably imbued with spiced laden lipids a taste that’s indescribable, but once sampled can be a staple in ones repertoire of exotic dishes….

But what do you do when your supply runs short, as a matter of fact when you only have a nib left? Go back to Istanbul? Make your own? Buy it from a local Turkish market, if your fortunate to have one? My guess is I will go back to Istanbul if invited, but most likely I will have to go to my local Turkish market and buy an imported one and see if it stands up to the quality of the one my friend Dilara  kindly put in an abundant care package for me when I came home!


(Ode to a suçuk)
Since I first sliced you, fried you and tasted your special spice.I’ve adorned you on my pide, laid you in a pan to fry with my onion, tomato and eggs. When thinking about where we met, I dream about the shores of the Bosporus the sunny heat and the scents and smells of the magic kitchen…but alas your at the end of your link, what shall I do? So for now mon petit suçuk au revoir!

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  1. We Are Never Full

    oh i loved, loved this post. so funny. I’ve many times wanted to write odes to things we smuggled home from trips – truffle paste, guanciale, saffron, crisps, etc. etc. i lament their ending and almost have to mourn! i feel your pain but thanks for introducing me to this new delicacy!


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