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by | Nov 26, 2008 | Food

Thanksgiving has always been a trying feat, when mixed with long shifts and prepping my own meal at home, not like in the old days when I was working in restaurants or hotels serving other people. This year has been somewhat less hectic as far as business. Effects of the recession (or is it a depression?) I suppose.

Yesterday I brined and schlepped my Turkey on the subway, all 24 pounds of it!  This is my favorite holiday; it’s a virtual food harvest, family,friends and just that, no symbols or trees. Great leftovers to eat the next day. Or next week, if you cook enough. So last night I started roasting chestnuts, peeling pearl onions,  salted and confited what few gizzards I could find. There must be shortage or something, as the gizzards Cimg5849_3
weren’t all that visible. Turkeys impacted by the economy, too? Who knows!

Whatever, today I’m baking pies and cakes, seasoning the bird, then finish off the stuffing for my wife to
"stir", she always say’s that she prepared it. Well I guess it’s the thought that counts. Our meal is standard; stuffed bird, vegetables and some pies.This year I will make a persimmon cake from Jean-Louis Paladin rather than the Saveur magazine version, which was a disaster last year. I won’t name the person who screwed up the recipe, as it’s family. And this, after all, is Thanksgiving. Soooo…. happy and healthy one to all!

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