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Roggen, the grain, the flour, oh and it’s in German too!

by | Apr 16, 2009 | Uncategorized


After seeing this book mentioned on chili und ciabatta site, I quickly found a source where I could buy it, knowing full well it's in German. I haven't spoken German since I was a child and always have a chuckle when my nieces and nephew laughingly cajole me to read childrens books to them in my kinderdeutsche,(children's German). So when seeing the wonderful looking breads made by some German homebakers from this book, I had to have it. It's my hope that one day rye will be as common a loaf as say ciabatta,pain au levain or bagels? Not likely for the moment, but as I take child-like steps to understand and translate (no mutilate) the German language. Anyway, here's another small step to introduce people to a wonderful grain, flour and bread.


  1. Nils

    That book is on top of my wish list too. Common as a bagel? And rye sandwiches to go? Sounds good. Rye breads are certainly baked more often in my oven than bagels. My currant favorite is salami and mustard on 60% rye, and a light beer. Prost.

  2. Jeremy

    Salami and 60% sounds good, light beir, well I dunno???
    Oh, it’s not on my wish list, I just got it today, Yes!

  3. Hans Joakim

    Ooohh… you got me drooling now! That book looks mindbending. Do let us know what you think about it, Jeremy!


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