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Pâté platter @ Boulud

by | Jul 26, 2009 | Uncategorized

Daniel Bar Bistro

Bar Boulud - TablesImage by ZagatBuzz via Flickr

Whilst meeting Susan from Wild Yeast, we
sauntered down to New York’s Lincoln Center, aiming for a nosh at
Daniel Boulud’s Bar
, a place known for it’s pâté and country driven menu.

Sitting down, we experienced the highs and lows of high prices but lovely dishes; thyme and rosemary scented  lemonade along
with a platter full of terrines, pate and a small portion of bread.


I wish my taste buds were  up to the job, as my nose was just off the
chopping block, on the mend. The charcuterie was well portioned
offering lots of variety, well textured, with a nice accompaniment of
condiments and composed salads. Without the body senses at full form,
my judgment was flawed, but  I will come back to nosh on some more of
Daniels food to get a better idea and feeling of what he is offering?
In the meantime, it is lovely to look at, no?


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