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by | Jul 27, 2009 | Pizza


It seems an item people (and the media) never tire of exploring. I don't blame anyone. I love my pie. But more people might try making it at home, as it's so easy. Not to fuel more recessionary "don't go out" habits that hurt my fellow professional chefs, but pizza is a dish more people should enjoy making at home, as well as out. A good home baked pizza is satisfying and doable. With some basic appliances (like the Cuisinart oven I wrote about months ago) you can get a crisp New York style pizza to compare to the pre-baked and parked
specimens in too many of today's pizzerias.


Some of the recipes I've used, I will convert to sourdough, ever the purist. But I do yeast when I am short on time or just getting the munchies!

This is a nice recipe from Betterbaking.com, a simple and reliable dough. It's good, even left over two days in the refrigerator. But if your even more inclined to try some adventurous and more detailed dough, go and visit my friend at foolish poolish bakes, and even like Susan at wildyeast who grills hers! Or you can give my rendition of Verace Neopolitano dough a go if you have some sourdough culture!

That's Amore!

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  1. MC

    So tempting I put pizza on the menu for this week. Thanks, Jeremy!


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