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by | Sep 13, 2009 | Recipes


The weather got warm again in New York. Feels like summer and time to enjoy the last bits of it. I found some nice peppers and eggplant shopping at Fairway market in Redhook, all to say that I was ready to act on a porterhouse steak dinner. But I wasn't in the mood for a grand production. I quickly changed gears and  instead went for something easy; vegetarian in fact!  Tunçilik, a Thracian dish I often ate for meals at Abracadabra. The smokey flavors and unctuous oil rich dish is comforting, especially topped with some yogurt and some fiery Aleppo pepper flakes.  As with any Turkish meal, a bread was needed, and I was out of a loaf, so I whipped up some pide, a recipe sent by Dilara, modified it into a sourdough pide.This is a non-recipe recipe for tunçilik – basically you roast or grill an eggplant, a tomato, a couple of banana peppers,(aka "Carliston pepper") and chop some garlic, make a simple vinaigrette of vinegar and oil, a dash of salt and pepper, chopped parsley, voila!


Pide you asked?, well ok here it is:

Straight dough




 yeast                   5g


Sourdough version:

levain                 82 gr

flour                   210gr

water                 110gr

 salt                     5gr

yeast                    2gr (optional if your in
need of hybrid dough?)

make   a smooth dough soft
as your ears lobes,(Dilara's directions), cut 50gr balls and let them
rest a half an hour, than "flatten" them, brush with some yogurt on top
and and dot them with your finger tips towards the edges,top with
sesame, hashhash,(Turkish spice) zatar, almost anything you like on
top.. oven 270 C or 520 F (if your oven gets that hot!)


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