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First I want to say thank you and great show to Los Lobos, this Wolf sort of survived!

After drinking a bit too much bubbly, I made it home New Years day, slightly chuchaqui – or hungover. Actually, "slightly" doesn't capture it. No matter how big the attempt to avoid the mistakes that surround great reveling, you almost always find yourself in the same quagmire the following day, namely a hurtful and deep hangover!

Luckily my wife was surfing the morning channels and parked herself with Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda on the Today show. I say "luckily" because – despite my bleary brain morphing Ms. Gifford into  her former co-host Regis Philbin (champagne can do evil things!) suddenly the discussion turned to hangover cures. The guest from Epicurious.com rattled off some egg related folk cure. It's called… scrambled eggs.

But we only had one egg left. The next solution was coconut water and bananas. My wife fried up the egg with some bits of prosciutto and I wolfed it down, and there was a seemingly good feel to those eggs running down my main pipe to my stomach!
Some experts believe, starch, salt and sugar aids in what ails you with those nasty hangover symptoms. You know, like when your stomach has an outer-body experience or your head feels like lead weight. It seems that eggs contain cysteine, a chemical that helps mop up the alcohol toxin, acetaldehyde. Also two tropical solutions may work. First, bananas, via, potassium, are apparently good with hangovers. Then there is coconut water,which I used. It’s said to have lots of electrolytes as well potassium.
Needless to say I won’t do that again, but if I fall off the wagon again, I’ll be sure to go to a diner for a full and starchy Irish breakfast and a coconut water pit stop at my local grocery!

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  1. mick

    Happy New Year.
    Haven’t seen Los Lobos since 1987 (I think)at the Town & Country Club, Kentish Town. Great show.
    Only one cure for a hangover – gin & tonic.
    Up your leg!


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