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Blowtorched plagiary

by | Feb 18, 2010 | Food

Re-interpretation of classic paintings in the art world is the norm; for instance, a Velasquez turned abstract by Picasso.

Valasquez picasso

Today I wasn't re-interpreting a thing. No, today,I was blatantly plagiarizing a soup by Brad Farmerie of Public which I found surfing Google. It's a great soup; sweet, spicy and unctuous carrot with some ginger, cardamom, onions, garlic sweated. Then some coconut milk, water, lemon juice, honey and seasoning. And to give that playful twist and heat — Aleppo marshmallows, some coriander, a scattering of toasted pepitas and Styrian pumpkin seed oil top off this deal.  

Giving the soup as one of the specials to my maitre'd (who is a real plain-Jane as far as flavors and food are concerned – if it's not Porcini or pasta, for him, it's not on!) he eyed me suspiciously. His concern was amplified when he saw me use a blowtorch to brown the marshmallows on top of the soup, finally drizzling oil and sprinkle the assortment of seeds. But then he  tasted this soup, and all he could say was "mmmgood!"

Sometimes you can change stuff, but in this case it's better just to make it and enjoy it.

Jeremies's soup


  1. Sonia

    OMG, I can almost taste it, J!

  2. Karen

    Jeremy, I’m really impressed by the way you approached this topic.
    What you did is you made a soup. You made a soup from a recipe you googled. That is something many people do each day. Sometimes they admit it, sometimes they pretend that they invented the recipe themselves or made it marvellously better in some way by the addition or deletion of one ingredient or another, then they blog it with much pride of ownership.
    What you did here is so different. You took a concept from one genre and applied it to another. You entered the world of ideas in this post, and that is so much fun to see! It expands consciousness, and I believe in subtle ways it directly affects the creative levels one is able to reach.
    What I’m saying here is, Jeremy – you’re a pretty smart dude – aside from being a talented one in the kitchen.
    Thanks for a post which added a great deal of enjoyment to my day!!
    Can’t wait to see what’s next. 🙂

  3. Jeremy

    Hi Karen,
    Thanks, I just topped off the last bowl and had it for lunch today, awesome stuff! Brad Farmerie is one of my favorite chefs and I hope I can call him a friend too…His training and simplicity of pairing food and flavors really showed up on my last tasting at his fine restaurant Public. Show casing something new in the environment where I cook today can be tricky, but I thought what the hell they can always ask for one old favorite instead??
    Stop by more often, I always appreciate a great writers perspective as well as your being a chef it helps to be inspired by new and old alike!

  4. mick

    ee, tha’s made a right Jackson Pollack of it.

  5. Jeremy

    Ta! Jackson Pollack splashed a better canvas, what are you baking Mick???

  6. mick

    I’m just trying to get through the week ’til we leave for France for three whole months. Two baking days to go!!!!


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