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What’s in a name?

by | Feb 21, 2010 | Food

One of my staff members is from Chile, and if it were not that once or twice a day that he mentions my soup being "a Carbonada," I wouldn't of taken any notice. His nationalist labeling of virtually every dish I make as distinctly Chilean rings a bit funny, having never been to Chile, or even tried that country's cuisine. So tonight I decided to make my own rendition of his description of a Carbonada. It's a hardy soup, chock-full of vegetables, including potatoes, beans, squash and corn. There is some meat in it too, but I had only a smoked ham hock. It provided a good flavor to the red Colombian beans I had in my pantry.

So here it is, Carbonada alla Chilena for Toti!



  1. MC

    Looks to me like the perfect winter soup and it calls for a nice and thick slice of your bread. Does Toti think your baking is typically Chilean too? What is the bread scene like in Chili?

  2. Jeremy

    Hi MC, well I was berated for not adding zucchini, and peas to the mix,Toti also shuddered at my adding red beans, undoubtedly a mortal sin!! Likely though that he would have no problem eating my version?!
    Bread in Latin America, at least in the places I have visited are not good, usually white and soft, with so many different carbo possibilites, bread takes a back burner, save sweet breads….
    This soup is so fortifying that I think a slice of bread would only make it too much of a good thing..


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