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Spring bake!

by | Apr 22, 2010 | Uncategorized


Been awfully busy at work, whether it's cooks going AWOL, food tastings, parties or whatever. Takes me away from my baking routine, which doesn't always fit my schedule but is always worth giving the time when it's there. Thus, within these constraints of the day, I offer my most recent bake, a high extraction miche borrowed from Shiao-Ping (who adapted it from San Francisco Baking Institute).

My golden buffalo stash is quickly disappearing, but I managed to use it for this 70 percent hydrated and retarded loaf…very active after three feedings and it went into a creuset to bake "a'la" Jim Lahey. The result is interesting, a bread with a beautiful color, crust and, like Shiao-Ping notes in her recipe, on the sour side with a tight crumb. And oddly enough, it has a back-note taste of rye yet with that wheaty sweetness. Do I sound like a wine connoisseur? Hope not. Or if I do, it makes sense.

Anyway, taking a quick break from work and ready for the second shift, I fed my starters today, rye, wheat and teff. If I get a chance in between work shifts, I hope to get a bake in at least one loaf for the weekend, in between my chauffeuring and spring cleaning duties at home!



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