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Un pan esférico, y Mundialista.

by | Jun 20, 2010 | Uncategorized

It's the World Cup! I have little time to watch at work, and even then it's an strain on the eyes following football on a tiny television set. And there's  my wife pulling my ear for help in the household chores at home. Barely  enough of attention given to  my levain. What's more,it's cycling season. Too much to do, too much to watch.

No matter, I took up my mantle and whipped up a lovely loaf to celebrate this wonderful football ritual. I found the formula for this seeded beauty on "Pöt's" site, der-sauerteing.com. It's a perfect combination to honor the Copa Mundial! The bread has semolina to represent my favorite Mediterranean teams, and since Colombia isn't it in it this year, I adjusted my version by substituting the more expensive hemp seeds with quinoa, my fandom focused across the ocean.


There is rye for Northern Europe. And after baking I made a tartine with some sardines from France, incorporating all the textures available. All the ingredients are representing except something for the host continent Africa. Got to work on that next. Maybe I'll add in some teff.

I had a enough dough for two loaves; one was a batard, sort of like the way some of the players are acting with both Rooney admonished and Anelka being punished. But I digress. Or do I? The World Cup has certainly had some controversy, let alone the bad  calls by the referees. And now the feel of this mechanically made ball they are using,that is a problem. My boule on the other hand is handmade – (woops, can't make it with my feet can I?) and, yes, it's sourdough.



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