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by | Jul 8, 2010 | Food, Restaurants

Often finding a new restaurant you like, the second visit threatens to be less impressive than the first. Since curiosity first led me to Savoy, I was impressed and followed up on a second visit. And you know what? I was pleased again. Fast forward; it's hot the wife and I meet downtown after work. She suggests going to the Savoy. For whatever reason, I feel trepidation but agree, hoping the third time lives up to the first two.

Okay, so my negative expectations are threatened when the host seats us by the window. Then the server sets up our table and starts to explain some changes to the menu as a "work in progress." Can I now give in to my worst fears and indulge my self-righteous foodie regret? No. Because we already spied what we wanted. The entire feeling of this place – what you see, smell, and feel, it's great. I love the rustic and simple food served here. No frill or fuss, just flavor with simple and minimal product…Oh and no foam!


A snack, Confit garlic with dehydrated olive salt, tarragon and crackers.


Chiccharones sprinkled with cocoa-chili and doused with some grilled lime, simple and delicious!


Sea scallop ceviçhe with padron peppers, lean and perfect after the pork rinds, great with my Riessdorf Kölsch to cry my fat tears over the demise of the German World cup team!



My wife's pick, soft shell crab tempura on a cucumber julienne with a white gazpacho sauce drizzled with some picante pimenton oil.


Roasted beets with freekeh, earthy and full of flavor.


Grilled zucchini with nettle pesto.


Rhubarb and berry cobbler, I could of had another, it was so good!


Even if the portions don't look huge, I was full. So we walked back to Union Square to digest a bit…

All to say that the Savoy happily defeated that "second time rule" by giving us a third time treat! The service is so simultaneously relaxed and present (call that professional), but most of all it's a value meal with great ingredients! And what's better then when you see the "king" after digesting such great food.



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