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JT’s 85×3 au nature, sans levure chimique

by | Aug 4, 2010 | Bakers, Bread, Food


The breads above were found on a formula via MC. It's an 85×3 bread, some high extraction flour, and three pre-ferments, biga, poolish and levain. All to say it took lots of math. Well I crunched numbers and avoided any commercial yeast and….

Truth be told, I massacred the process and didn't do the second addition of water thing. No doppio impasto or basinage,whatever… no, that's not me. I just autolyse'ed and went full throttle making my loaf. Hell, it's August, which means I am on vacation! Using the last bit of Golden Buffalo flour, my pre-ferments were far from kosher, using whole wheat with a percentage of white flour. Like I said, it's August, and hate to rub it in, but this chef is taking some time off!

Anyway this formula kicked ass. This loaf wasn't gonna go for a long cold retarding, no it went from bulk proofing, with some folds, pre-shape, final proof and smack into my oven… So, thanks to it's innovative creator, JT and for MC who always inspires….

And now, well, have a great month. I'm off to South America. See you when I get back from my next adventure…..I will be away checking out the Pacific whales of this planet's southern hemisphere.



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