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Vendadors de comida, en Red Hook.

by | Sep 11, 2010 | Food, Red Hook

Scratch the surface in Brooklyn's Red Hook and you find all sorts of things. An old industrial area bordered by a highway and the New York waterway, for years it was a bastion of the city's last factories, as well as populations of working class and poor people. In the last decade, it's been slowly undergoing gentrification, with the entrance of an Ikea, the building of a wonderful Fairway supermarket, and a range of boutiques and restaurants. But the earthy history of the neighborhood continues with a line of food trucks, that offer a different culinary perspective. Namely, food on wheels, trucks serving dishes from various Latin American countries.

Some feature specialties from Central America like pupusas. Then there are the familiar Mexican antojito favorites like quesadillas, huaraches and tacos. From the Dominican republic you find the chimi burger – the reason for it's name confusing to me as it has nothing to do with the illustrious Argentinian sauce that shares that name. Then there are Colombian "arepas de mazorca" and Ecuadorian ceviçhe. They even have "encebollado," but the vendor was missing cilantro when we stopped by. I tried pupusa's and a taco. They are definitely home style, fresh and bang for the buck.

With quite active business from  the neighborhood locals playing baseball ( or the daily shoppers from around the metro area) this informal food market is a change from the cafeteria offerings of meatballs and cinnamon buns. It's honest food from hard working people. Go see.





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