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Soups on!

by | Oct 9, 2010 | Food, Soup

My wife is a wonderful cook, but over the years I have been in the kitchen doing most of the cooking. For some reason she's given up the mantle of "haus frau."  Okay, it's not a great title, but what's with her excuse for not cookng? Well,her refrain is "the time to prepare, the mess, and hell, you're a chef. You cook!"

Now that the weather is starting to feel a bit on the chilly side, it's time for some more comfort sorts of dinners. Soup is one of her favorites and mine as well.

Recently she learned the secret recipe for chicken soup also known as NY peniccilin. But one minor detail, turkey has taken the place of the other bird…and let me tell you, it's good stuffed at Thanksgiving, but really good as a soup too.


This particular soup was just a basic veg and chicken (whoops, turkey) thing, but we upped the ante with a virtual sancocho embellishment of yuca, plantain, corn and lots of good seasoning…

Welcome to fall and make some soup while your at it!


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