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Rye…bake’m if you got em.

by | Nov 2, 2010 | Bread, Rye

When using it for baking bread, rye flour offers both benefits and constraints. The lack of gluten makes it more challenging then wheat to form, or even find a holey crumb. But the taste and dense crumb are what make it delicious, none the less.

Since my cupboard is full of rye, I have been attempting to use it up. Today I baked a Jewish rye bread of the type I learned to make at FCI, this one featuring caraway seeds. I improvised with the recipe, instead using  brotegewurze (bread spice) along with some kalonji seeds.



Then there is the "Schwarzer Hamsterbrot," full of seeds fit for a hamster but more likely to be slathered with some cheese or wurst for a human like me! This adaption of Wolfgang Süpke's blog favorite came from a fabulous baker/blogger.




  1. Hans Joakim

    Yum! I’ve just had breakfast, but now you gave me that familiar hamster-craving again, Jeremy. Looks lovely!

  2. Cris

    Yes,what a wonderfull caraway rye loaf, it’s my favourite bread. A question: is this bread the one in the Reuben sandwich?.Great idea the kalonjee seeds.

  3. Jeremy

    Hans Joakim,
    Danke! It lasts forever, still moist and really good slathered with butter or cheese.
    Reuben Sandwich, I guess, but I prefer corned beef or pastrami, lots of mustard!


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