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Like Abracadabra, like bread!

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On a whim, I baked a bread tasted two years back in Istanbul, during  my visit with Abracadabra Restaurant owner, Dilara Erbay. I got this through her former baker Gökhan, who is currently baking in Tokyo. Now I'd like to share it with you.

Gökhan and I barely spoke each other's language, but bread was familiar to both our vocabulary, our common bond. Not quite perfect, but then as they say, "perfect is the enemy of good enough." Anyway, on this bread I decided to go hybrid as I have neglected (or maybe killed) my levain.

This loaf was baked with firm levain that was parked in my fridge and given a spike of about two grams of dry yeast. I could have made a soaker with the seeds, but did not, as it's such a miniscule amount of the dough's total percentage.

Abracadabra's version was a bit darker, and I wonder if they used Carob molasses for color or even whole grains or bran. I am sure I will hear from Dilara or Gökhan on this specimen.

Abracadabra Wheat and Seed Bread.

Gökhan's formula in googled English translation!

700g white flour 300g wholemeal flour 50g rolled oats 50g sunflower seeds 100g olive oil 50g sesame seed 50g keten yeast 30g salt water you will be soft set.

Updated: Gökhan confirmed that there was 70grams of Carob Molasses added to the formula!

My sourdough adaption:

 412g Levain

1206 g Total flour

844g white A.P. flour

361whole wheat

25g sunflower

25g oats

12g olive oil

25g sesame seeds

24g salt

I used a dry levain about 50% hydrated and ended up adding a touch more water till the dough softened like Gokahn used to say, "like soft like the ear lobe."

Autolysed the flour and water for 30 minutes to an hour. Mixed all the rest of the ingredients minus the seeds to a medium amount of development, then at 2nd speed add in the seed till incorporated.

Rise about 1 1/2 for bulk, pre-shape round or oval depending on final shape. Baked in creuset at 480 F with lid for 20 minutes and the final 15 without lid.


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