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Legume burger

by | Apr 9, 2011 | Food

Ibán Yarza, the baker I met recently and interviewed from Spain, is now working in Sweden. A great story teller, speaker of many languages, bike riding maniac, not to mention a master in bread baking, he's also just a cool guy.  From what I've heard, he's living and working on a farm in the hinterlands of Scandinavia. 

While physically disappearing, he tweets regularly, posting with wit on everything from music to food and bread. All within 120 words.  And he also has a terrific blog. Tonight, I noticed a particularily amazing dish he made; lentil burgers.

"Sure," you're thinking, "vegan food, Jeremy? C'mon!"

But hoooold up! It's a curried mix of oat and lentil mix turned into patties with an egg to bind it, then fried and so very good.



Anyway, Ibán suggests serving it with some dijon mustard or ketchup as a condiment.  I had to try, I was hungry. And it hit the right spot.


Here's my rendition. Warning; it's addictive. I may go healthy. I was thinking of having another portion,  but I resisted. As I don't want to gain on my waist and go spongy.

Lentils are healthy anyways!






  1. Monica

    This is soooo my kind of food. The avocado, man. THat’s what burgers like these are all about.

  2. Jeremy

    And surprisingly, you don’t miss the meat…kinda tired of eating flesh!Avocado’s rule!
    Thanks for stopping by!


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