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On the road again….

by | Apr 16, 2011 | Excercise, Health

Just as spring flowers are exploding from the pods, I feel the urge to spread my wings. Or rather, start moving my legs.


And most chefs gain a belly during winter, unless,  of course they're naturally skinny and don't have the  metabolism of a Russian circus wrestler. So it's stretch and a spin or just sit and get big. Nope, not doing that!


 A fat chef isn't a healthy one. There's no reason to drop dead on the line just because you're tired or out of breathe. C'mon get on a bike, run, jog, walk….get those bodies moving!



  1. Teresa

    I call it flying, I love to fly! Go Jeremy!

  2. johannak

    I used to be naturally skinny… not anymore…
    I also used to bike everyday even in snowy weather! Not far just to and from places. Need to buy a bike over here… until then I will walk. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Jean

    You’ve totally got me inspired! Go get ’em!


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