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Pizza of the week

by | Apr 16, 2011 | Pizza

One of my job perks is working on an old-school broiler oven. It burns as hot as a wood burning stove. Very hot! That oven is used for most anything cooking on our line. One of my favorite uses is making a seriously singed and crusty pizza, the type you'd find at a great pizzeria. The intense heat leads to a uniform and rapid cooking of the pies, far more satisfying to bake and eat than anything made on a typical home oven.

Last Friday, having some dough already made, I set out to bake a pizza for that evening's staff dinner.  While trying to decided what type of pie to make, I got a tweet from Montreal chef Marc-Andre Royal, a pizza suggestion with potato and truffles. And so I took it as inspiration, guilding it a bit with duck confit, some ramp puree, upland cress and, finally, a bit of shaved parmigiano cheese.











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