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Sweet breaks

by | Apr 18, 2011 | Uncategorized

My friends (and fellow bloggers) Zen Chef and Mindful Eats recently proposed a creative tweet-up, which basically is an offline collaboration organized via Twitter.  On a service break at work, I ran from my mid-town NYC kitchen downtown to Nolita. There, at The Little Cupcake Bakeshop, the owner  Massimo had lent me and my friends the time and space to chat, crack and seperate eggs, and create some ice cream. 


Here is a bit of picture while helping Zen chef churn his libations, including vanilla, maple walnut, chocolate (Mindful Eats loves chocolate!) and olive oil ice cream!

IMG_0670 Mindful Eats provided the eggs and ice cream from her partnership with local organic milk producers NYFoods, as well.



I only got a spoonful of the churned chocolate, which was delightful, before needing to to get back to serve dinner at work. Next time!



  1. Jean

    How did you sneak in all these amazing pics? I don’t think I saw you pull out a camera once! I am so glad you made it down – so much more fun with you. And the egg cracking went much better with you too. But somehow I remember you being the idea generator…

  2. Jeremy

    You kept hiding, tried to get you in but Stephanie is always in the way!!

  3. zenchef

    Did you just call me stephanie !!? 😛

  4. Jeremy

    Stephane, wow, misspelled it again!


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