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Voglio mangiare pizza!

by | Jun 3, 2011 | Pizza

Okay, yet another post on pizza. Okay I like pizza. Oh, sorry, you know that. Anyway, today's pizzas are so much more sophisticated (complicated?) than the pies that typified "a slice" back when I was a kid. Don't ask my age, but while I can't say me and John Travolta shared clothing taste (in Saturday Night Fever) we did probably wolf down the same type of Brooklyn pizza. Heavy, doughy, and pretty damn addictive. 


Given Travolta's Tony Monero  liked to keep up with fashion (from polyster to hair gel), I actually think he'd have been pleased with all these new pizza aficianado terminology; Upskirt, Napoletana, and VPN. Whatever, pizza – like bread only with cheese – is basically water, salt flour and sometimes a bit of yeast, pre-ferment and maybe oil.

Most people would say it's the toppings where the innovations shine (or bubble). But like bread, much of the real genius in the pie lives in the making and the baking. My favorite place for tips is www.pizzamaking.com,  a data base of pizza aficionados lending their own experiences and calculators to make the pies. 

Here's my latest efforts, based on old dough and an old broiler oven, sheet pans, and cardboard peel, rustic!




IMG_1301 IMG_1300






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