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Polish eats!

by | Jun 8, 2011 | Charcuterie, Deli's, Food

I returned to Warsaw Deli, again. The visit came after an afternoon of dental work. My teeth hurt, but I was hungry.


Luckily, I remembered the Warsaw Deli location. And then I was in it, the smell of wurst, and the sight of beer deliciously overwhelming, along with the sight of beautiful looking pickles. And low and behold, they had some "żytinia," or rye flour to my non-Polish friends. 


Here's what I got and quickly scarfed, without a wink of an eye!









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  1. Wilton Winrow

    With a delicious sight like this, anyone would forget that he had just went for a dental work! Everything is perfect to fill an empty stomach. Every food enthusiast would love to have a bite!


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