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Tapioca with Five spice, ginger-roasted peaches and cranberries

by | Jun 25, 2011 | Uncategorized

To me, tapioca has always sounded like the idea of a great desert – for a a hospital! Or something served by one's grandmother. Comforting but not particularly interesting. Still, having some in the cupboard, and seeing some fabulous seasonal deserts using rhubarb and pistachios, I decided to give it a try in a summer infused parfait.  


I started by blanching peaches in water. Then I cooled them in ice to remove the skins. And then pan roasted them with ginger and "5 spice" powder, along with a home made simple syrup of honey and agave. Letting carmelize and cool, I put them aside for later along with some dried cranberries to add tartness to the sweet.  


In the same caramel and peach juice pan, I added a bit more water and cranberries, reduced till they were plumped and full of flavor. Then I cooled it all off along with the peaches, and then added tapioca. Delicious and pretty, too. 




Tapioca Pudding, Check out my friend Sandra Kavital of Le Petrin I based my parfait on her recipe.



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