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Lobster roll

by | Jul 2, 2011 | Uncategorized

Summer is marked by outdoor BBQ's,lobsters,and cole slaw. Well, take a bit from each of three, put it on a toasted hot dog bun,and you've got a "Lobster Roll," an old New England retro favorite.


This year at work I decided on putting a spin on the Lobster Roll, incorporating a modified version of Dan Lepards kalonji and onion speckled sausage buns. Dan's version is great, but I left the eggs out for my Lobster Roll, figuring they would add unnecessary richness – though I did use an egg to give them a glaze. 

I boiled the lobsters 8-10 minutes in seasoned water (our in-house creole spice and mirepoix.). Then the meat was de-shelled and chopped, married with a mayonnaise made with a  crustacean oil, as well as a spot  of sriracha sauce for a bit of heat. I kept things really simple to focus on infusing the entire thing with that delicious lobster flavor. 


Toast your bun, some even slather it with butter, a bit overkill?


Side dish, cole slaw, yeah, with mayo and a bit of French Vinaigrette. This is an old school dish, so if you want to go lighter, just vinaigrette would be fine.



Micro greens are optional, just a nod to the mod tweak on a retro favorite, makes it feel healthy!


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