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Pan dulce 100% levain

by | Aug 5, 2011 | Uncategorized


In Latin America, particularily in Ecuador, Colombia, the sweeter softer breads are probably relatives of French pain au lait. They're less related to the "concha" breads found in Mexican bakeries, which in texture remind me of a cross between a shortbread and a cookie. I took on the challenge of replicating a South American bread, using only sourdough.


First, I tried a "pan dulce de leche," which is another way to say sweet milk bread. The high amount of sugar and milk presented it's own barriers, as they result in slowing down the dough. I decided to chuck the yeast, but stuck with my levain. It may be silly to stick to elitist sourdough principles, but the heat of summer and the strength of my levain have got my English up!





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