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Attempting Bonci

by | Nov 5, 2011 | Pizza

Instructed about Gabriele Bonci through videos on Elizabeth Minchelli's website, I finally achieved some success attempting to bake his pane casareccio. Recently I decided to return to his pizza. It's not a puffy brusciato Napoletano style pie. Rather  it's more a foccacia sort of pizza - or "taglio," and sold by the slice or rolled, fried.

Bonci is a serious wizard with dough, and until I visit Roma, my mothers ancestral paternal city, I'll be making it here in Ameriga! This is my adaption roughly of il maestro Bonci's pizza, very rustic and my first baby steps in learning this style of pizza. One important message, don't be violent with the dough!



My adaption of Bonci's pizza a Taglio

483g flour

309 Water

198 Starter

40g olive oil

10 salt

Mix ingredients and rise overnight in fridge. Next day bring to temperature, about two hours. Spread in an oiled sheet pan delicately, trying to press lightly without knocking out all the bubbles from the fermentation. Allow to rise,(since using levain rather then straight yeast), about 1-2 hours, till noticeably airy and you can notice bubbles.

Bake at around 400 for about 20 minutes. You can cover with tomatoes, peeled, seed and crushed. Or there are variations you can see here.


Original Bonci formula (straight dough)

1 kilo flour

700g water

40g olive oil

20 salt

7 yeast







  1. Oliverde

    I really like it when you include recipes!

  2. wee

    Hi Jeremy,
    wonder if you have tried making a ciabatta with this dough? would it have enough volume do you think, or would it be too crusty??
    Thanks for the post, now i know who this Bonci dude i’ve heard abt is.


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