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Bagel & Lye

by | Nov 6, 2011 | Uncategorized


Reworking test formulas the other day, I put my hand to bagels, using the same one from Montreal found on The Fresh Loaf. I used a mix of spelt and rye, along with newly arrived flour from Cayuga mills. I also added in some white whole wheat. My wife had some fried shallots she'd foun, along with a mix of sesame seeds that were seasoned with dried ginger. Why not? I even added some raisins cinnamon at her request.

This batch, I allowed for a longer second rise after shaping. And instead of baking soda, I used pretzel lye to poach them for a chewier bagel. While juggling several bakes on this marathon bake, including a tartine loaf, a rye loaf with mixed grain, English muffins, cupcakes (etc, etc…) I managed to make this batch in perfect synchronization. It was a good bake!



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