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Fish wieners

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Food

I went sleeveless on my wieners today at work. And I made them with fish too. 


Frenchified comfort food was my goal. I whipped up a mousse of scallops, chopped up some fish, added herbs and spices and rolled it in tube shaped sausages.  Lightly poached in water, then cooled, we finished them in a pan with a bit of oil to lubricate the skinless wieners, and a nob of butter for flavor.


Being a bit outside, we garnished it with some "champ" potatoes, mashed spuds with cabbage and scallions (of Irish origin). We added a mix of chantrelle, beechwood, and portabella mushrooms, as well as a Burgundian shallot and parsley assaisonment. Going really old school, we poached some bay scallop, and garnished with the "old" Beurre blanc, bit of kaffir lime leaves and ginger. Delicious.



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