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Panini, manini, ciriola

by | Nov 18, 2011 | Bread, Panini



There's the sandwich bread known as panini. Then there's the manini, which translates into "hand bread." They are basical olive oil-enriched bread made in Italy and the south of France. A spongy white bread, similar to Norman-style pain Brié, it uses low hydration dough that is enriched with butter.

The photos capture my efforts at some, using ciriole formula that I adapted. I adjusted it to what's called a "pasta madre" (or livieto naturale) where the levain and water are equal, and the flour is doubled making this a lower hydrated levain. It's very vigorous and makes yeast unecessary.


Ciriole can be shaped like tubular rolls, but I used a rolling pin and flattened out the dough and rolled it up like a croissant. Like baguettes, these breads don't have a long shelf life, but are a perfect pillow for mortadella. While not riddled with holes, this bread is made for filling and dousing with some oil and vinegar to make a pain bagna perhaps?

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  1. Mick Hartley

    As you say, Young Man, yeast is unnecessary.
    Up your leg,


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