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Don’t toss your tops

by | Nov 22, 2011 | cooking, Food

The other day in a market, I heard a woman ask a grocer to have the tops from some radishes taken off.I couldn't help remarking to her, "you can saute them." When buying beets at my local market, I always keep the tops. Theyr'e meant to be eaten! Sauteed, braised, mixed in pasta dough, go for it! Tonight I made a risotto with beet juice, stems and the tops folded in at the final minutes of cooking. We served it with a broiled chicken breast, marinated with a hint of ginger and lemongrass…fabulous! So if you see some tops, cook'em!


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  1. Jean

    Thanks for the tip! I love how chefs recycle all kinds of food scraps.


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