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Finocchietto salvatica (Wild Fennel)

by | Feb 11, 2012 | Bread, spice


While perusing my local salumeria for sopresseta in Astoria, I saw a packet of seeds for Sicilian wild fennel. It reminded me that I have a small jar of the same seeds at home, the product known as "finocchietto salvatico from Sicilia."

These tiny seeds are explosive, a strange mixture of fennel with nuances of anise (virtually cousins), and flavors that are both sweet and deep, a bit like liquorice. You find it used in sweet confections, but I've already introduced into my favorite bread; currant anise with a desem starter.

In addition, I'm contemplating putting it in a Easter Bread recipe I have for Pane Genovese, too. Stay tuned!




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