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by | Feb 13, 2012 | Bread, Semola

The last time I made a pane di altamura, I used kamut flour rather than the recipe's preferred ingredient of durum, or semolina rimacinata. And while I'm a big fan of semolina, again I am fond of playing with alternatives, in this case a flour alternative to semolina rimacinata.


Baking a "biga naturale" bread, a loaf I would normally use semolina rimacinata , I opted to use Golden Temple Atta flour, a Canadian brand of whole durum flour with bran. It's easily found in most Indian groceries, of which my neighborhood has many. Anyway, durum is a higher protein flour and often confused with semolina  which isused in making pasta, and is a coarser grind.



Mixing this flour takes more time. It also has a different temperment than white flour. But you could substitute  a percentage of it for white flour, or go totally durum.


My latest bake was adapted ever so slightly from Chad Robetson's Tartine book. I found a link bread app calculator at El Amasedero, benefit of my friend Javier Marca. I basically used the recipe's percentages, but adapted it to  my own  levain, using  Gregoire Michaud's grape version. As well, I added in some floral and wild finocchietto salvatica, which is amazing, so different from the usual domestic fennel you find on the store shelves.



  1. Mint

    Do you mind sharing the recipe?? I’d love to try this :)! Those breads look fantastic!


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