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The Warmth of Semolina

Semolina can bring in sun and flavor to a long, hard winter. Recently I considered  panelle Palermintina, Sicilian chickpea fritters. Instead, I made this fabulous semolina dough, inspiration borrowed from my friend Susan's blog. Try it,...

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Il Pane Siciliano All’ Olio Da Olive

When my new batch durum grain arrived, I milled and sifted it to fine semola rimacinata flour. My first bake was a Sicilian bread with sourdough and olive oil. I used my stock levain of wheat, with the durum making up the rest of the dough's flour. The loaf below...

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Rimacinata is a term for the finest milled semolina flour (aka durum). Using my new mill, I started out with a pasta grade semolina flour (Bob's Red Mill); 70% semola and the rest wheat. The goal was to create home-made rimacinata. "  I left the...

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Durum & Kamut

Since using both durum and kamut, I find very little noticeable differences so decided recently to to merge the two in baking some Sicilian semolina and a pane di Matera. I used the kamut as the fermentation in the form of a pasta madre, with 50% hydration. The...

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Long Retard

Making a batch Pane di Altamura dough, I realized it wasn't going to happen, so I plopped my semola rimacinata dough into the fridge for thirty-six hours! Returning from my Labor day visit to moms I removed a much nicer lighter dough proofed in a slow cold bulk. I...

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Reprised – Semola Rimacinata

Since purchasing over ten pounds of semola rimacinata, I've tried the very detailed step by step rules of Pane di Altamura regs according to the European commision which certified its protected status ( La denominazione di origine protetta). It's safe to say...

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