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Reprised – Semola Rimacinata

by | May 23, 2012 | Bread, Pane di Altamura, Semola

Since purchasing over ten pounds of semola rimacinata, I've tried the very detailed step by step rules of Pane di Altamura regs according to the European commision which certified its protected status ( La denominazione di origine protetta).



It's safe to say that the water and climate of my apartment just doesn't resemble southern Italy. Even with a proofer, I wasn't getting the boost or soft crumb leading to a honey gold crust. Thankfully I took note of Ibán Yarza's efforts on his blog. Just so I wasn't losing a bit of sleep or wasting flour by chancing itm I contacted him for details on twitter.

@stirthepots That's it.Autolysed water+flour +1 h.; mix w SD (nearly 30%), wait 30 m.; salt+knead; rest + 1h. 22º;15h fridge; 2 h 23º; Bake!

Iban's version is virtually the same percentages in ingredients as the "DOP" regs; but the boost is in a bit more levain, a good hour of autolyse, then mix with a short bulk ferment, and plop into fridge for fifteen hours. Heretical as I perhaps, but wow, what a fantastic result. This was the reboot I needed to get this fantastic batard!



  1. breadsong

    Hi Jeremy, Gorgeous golden bread :^)
    Did you refrigerate in bulk, or as shaped loaves?
    Thanks :^) from breadsong

  2. Jeremy

    Meeghen, as a shaped loaf…Thanks..it’s taken time to finally skip the formality of DOP, as if I am in Altamura, no…but the weather today felt like it!

  3. breadsong

    Jeremy, thanks…
    Baked this today and absolutely *love* the flavor of this bread.
    Thank you so much for writing about it – so grateful!
    :^) from breadsong


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