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by | Nov 4, 2014 | Bread, Milling, Semola

Rimacinata is a term for the finest milled semolina flour (aka durum). Using my new mill, I started out with a pasta grade semolina flour (Bob's Red Mill); 70% semola and the rest wheat. The goal was to create home-made rimacinata. " 

I left the dough to retard overnight after a long bulk proof. The next day I popped it into the oven and got a golden hued crust. The crumb was tight but open. It was also chewy. Before baking, it could have used a warm up period to adjust to the oven heat, but I was satisfied that this method can work when you don't have real rimacinata.

IMG_4491 IMG_4492

IMG_4495 IMG_4514 IMG_4547


  1. Michael Jubinsky

    Beautiful bread. We love the golden color to bread with Durum flour. The Bpb’s Red Mill Semolina is a nice product and we’ve used it a lot. We’ve been getting fine grind Durum flour (almost Rimacinata) from North Dakota Mills through a food distributor. Some local health food stores are also re-bagging it into smaller quantities or selling bulk.
    Michael Jubinsky
    Stone Turtle Baking and Cooking School
    Lyman, Maine

  2. Adri

    Lovely. The color that the semola rimacinata imparts is really unique. You always know what went into brad with that color. Here in the U.S. semola riamcinata is not hard to find. The Italian delis near me in Los Angeles sell it, and it is also readily available online. so we are pretty fortunate in that regard.


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