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by | Apr 28, 2012 | Bread, Charcuterie, Chefs

Luck on Facebook led me to find Chef Aaron Patin of Wisconson, who is capable of creating some fabulous charcuterie. Over time, we decided to move from email to snail mail, as it would allow us to share more than recipes and actually send each other some food; my bread for his cured pork lomo. From virtual to postal networking – ah the delicous possibilities of modern life.

I figured a rye would travel better than a wheat loaf, which could easily go stale. And since I had made some German breads, including a rye, I sent it out. A day later, a package of Aaron's lomo arrived. I just had a slice, slightly melted on a new Landbrot. Delicious.  thank you Aaron, thank you Facebook, thank you U.S. mail!



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