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by | Jun 25, 2012 | Bread, Mick Hartley

Recently I tried a formula my mate Mick Hartley sent me for Laputabrød, a Scandanavian bread. It's a fennel, anise bread with malt, rye and wheat. Micks version is a sixty-six percent levain. I just used intuitive skills, and all seemed on the money, but… the proofing was a bit off.


This bread uses a pre-gelatinized dough, some golden syrup (I used sugar beet syrup), and a bit of sunflower oil. Verdict is still out on what inhibits a full rise; I may just ask Mick for his sage advise.


The loaf got a bit dark, probably from the beet syrup, and I didn't score it. No indications or ideas, I left it unslashed. Hence a wide gash erupted on it's side.


I waited impatiently to  taste. Rye breads need more time for the crumb to settle before enjoying them. Once sliced, I was greeted with the heady smell of sugars, fennel and sweet wheat and rye. I'll work out the split – probably just a proofing issue. Regardless, this bread will go into my repertoire for sure.


  1. Esther

    That rye looks so good! Any chance of getting the recipe? The add ins you mention sound very good.

  2. Jeremy

    Esther….when I write a book I’ll put in the recipes..I just don’t give everything away now…

  3. Esther

    No problem, Jeremy. In this case, I found a similar recipe in Jan Hedh’s ‘Artisan Breads’ book. I am sorry to bother you about recipes, but your breads always look so good! When your book is released, I will be first in line. Thanks again for responding.

  4. Jeremy

    Esther..truthfully, I think it’s probably the same formula, yet it’s been adapted..Be a while before I write one..too busy testing! No worries, no bother…


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