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Saftig Bullar (Juicy Buns)

by | Aug 6, 2012 | Uncategorized

My first recollection of saffron buns (lussebullar) was in bread baking class at the French Culinary Institute. My instructor David Norman made a batch for a foreign diplomat, and since then I have remembered the look and smell from these sweet saffron-hued buns. Recently I  found this infomative Swedish baker's blog that had a great video of how to make them, and had to give these buns a go. Though apparently they are usually made for St.Lucia's Day in December, I couldn't wait. Easy enough to make, I still had questions, and reaching at to my friend Ibán Yarza, who coined the phrase juicy buns (saftig bullar), and Johanna Kindvall, who agreed that these buns are good no matter what season!

IMG_7490 IMG_7499


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