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L’Etoile du Berger

by | Sep 7, 2012 | Bakeries, Bakers, Sceaux

At the foot of the Parisian gardens of Sceaux is a small boulangerie called l’Etoile du Berger. It was opened by famed boulanger Franck Debieu.  A friend in Paris is a member of his staff, and had offered to introduce me to him and his delicious bread and pastries. After enjoying some delectably flaky and airy viennoiserie, I strolled through the stunning gardens next door.


Franck was kind enough to put up with my second-rate French, as I did my best to explain my mission and passion of bread. If given the time, I'd of eaten most of his products. Franck's physical features were hewn like a Jean-Louis David painting a study in posture; he is a boulanger first, detail oriented and a great businessman. Visit the gardens, and do try the bread and pastries.


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