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Rachel’s Zuchini Pickles

by | Sep 20, 2012 | Fermentation, Food


My sister Rachel is the epitome of a hard working mom; five perpetually hungry kids, a garden, orchard with trees to harvest, etc. etc. etc.. But whenever I visit her in Switzerland she always takes time to prepare delicious  meals; spatzle with cheese and onions, fondue, stuffed zucchini flowers, and cakes. Among her many recipes, I most love her pickled zucchini. Since it's the end of summer I thought I'd share this – while zucchini are still around.



(Zuchetti)Zucchini  Pickles:


First day


500g Zucchini  cut into half moon pieces, about an inch and a half (She said squares,but they're round? So I squared them off, next batch half moons, your choice!)

3-4 Onions sliced

30g salt

Mix together and sit overnight covered.

Second day

 Wash the salt from the zucchini and onion  well  under  cold  water through a colander. Make a brine with:
half a liter of water, half  a
liter  of vinegar, 400 g of sugar 3
teaspoons of Curry and one teaspoon of peppercorns.


Cook the zucchini  5 minutes in the brine, and jar in mason jars that have been sterilized with hot boiling water.



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