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Pizza Proof

by | Oct 9, 2012 | Pizza

Yeah, another pizza post. Here I used the formula based on Una pizza Napoletana. It's dough reversed engineered from a video of Anthony Mangieri, made with sour dough. The key to using sourdough for pizza is to have a good bubbling, active ferment.

Recently I had made a batch of dough but it was flat. So I took a small portion of the tired dough and refed it till it showed signs of life. And while I kept the same tactic of a bulk ferment at four hours, this time I left it out longer, giving eight hours for proofing. The next day I balled the dough to 200 grams and stored them in the fridge.

The first pizza was good and bubbly, though it was a bit tough to stretch. The next pie I left out on the counter a bit longer and results were exceptional, really crisp and light. A longer proof and retarding the dough gives this dough a wonderful texture and taste.

First pie, mushroom, four cheeses, pesto, mushroom and tomato and the next was the more traditional "Margherita"





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