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Long Fermentation Dough

by | Oct 17, 2012 | Pizza, Sourdough

In my ongoing pizza tests, I recently made a breakfast pizza; a pie featuring bacon and eggs. Having piece of dough in my fridge (which had turned hard as clay), and following a long night after baking for my micro-bakery, pizza fit my hunger pangs. I left the dough on the counter for six hours. And from this lifeless looking blob, a surprising bubbly and almost maleable dough was turned into a deliciously light, airy and crisp pizza. To my surprise the dough didn't have any overly sour flavor either, but a deep rich wheat taste. Even more intriguing was the fact the dough was made with supermarket flour, far from high end brand!



  1. bob del Grosso

    That micro-bakery link is broken Chef.

  2. Jeremy

    Fixed it Bobbo! Thanks Chef!


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