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Macchina della pasta di “Nonna”

by | Nov 5, 2012 | Pasta

Visiting my local salumeria for sopressata, I found a toy. It's a hand cranked cavatelli maker. Single use,yes, and sometimes uneven, depending if you feed the dough right


It's nice to fiddle with this finnicky machine, twirling out noodles in it's bareboned, essentialy handpowered way.

For the batch in the photo above, I used a fantastic formula for eggless pasta, 100 percent semolina (durum) with 40 percent boiled water. Once given a good knead by hand or machine, let the dough rest a around half an hour. Then if you're lucky to have a machine like this… or this model, or some other method… make cavatelli!



  1. zorra

    Cool gadget!

  2. Carolin

    Great device and the product looks great!
    I am curious about the dough recipe: Do you have to stir the hot water into the semolina?
    Does it speed-up the resting time for the dough in order for the semolina to absorb all the water so the dough isn’t grainy anymore?
    Please enlighten me. Where did you hear about this trick?
    Cheers from Oz,


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