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Meeting Greg Over Sandy

by | Nov 20, 2012 | Bread, Chefs

Just before the infamous storm "Sandy" hit the East coast, I got word that pastry chef Gregoire Michaud was going to be visiting New York City. We had previously assed some texts, finally meeting for mojitos at a bar on the busy and battered streets of midtown.

Three hours over a few drinks we passed back and forth information and ooh's and aahhs of photo's of bread on each others smart phones and got to know each other. Gregoire is a super guy and an amazing baker, patissiere of world caliber. His kind words and advice were things I can't ever forget! While he's returned to Hong Kong, I researched his site and got another book of his to see what more I could comb through to gather as much as I had in a three hour conversation, a lesson measured in years of work and talent!

Baguette 80% hydrated based on Gregoires method.



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