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Taking The Bullocks Out

by | Nov 27, 2012 | Bakers, Mick Hartley

My mate from Bethesda'bakin Mick Hartley just wrote a book on microbaking. I got a copy, as it's something I've just taken up. It's more a hobby and test for future endeavours or basically just to bake more! His book is filled with his usual colorful style. It also includes a more serious study of how this "micro thing" is taking off these days. Rather than what politicians call "small business," (which they use as code for a lot bigger business), Mick writes more about what genuine mom and pop micro is at its best.



  1. bethesdabakers

    You are obviously a man of excellent taste

  2. Gregoire

    I like that “Taking the bullocks out!” 😉


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