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by | Dec 5, 2012 | Uncategorized

No, this post isn't about a night out of heavy alcohol cunsumption. It's actually about herring.  Pickled herring. I recently met up with blogger Johanna Kindval and she had just posted a recipe for pickled herring with a mustard sauce. I've alway's loved these pickled fish; they've got great nutritional value and go so well with dark rye breads or salads. And beer! I picked up a pound at my local Korean fish monger. He had a fine specimen of fat sardines, which are in the herring family, as I wanted to pickle and brine from scratch.


These shiny scaley fish offer a wonderful sensation and sea smell. Opening them up in my kitchen, it was as if the ocean literally was within range. The fileting was easy and the brine a simple solution of salt and water. Twenty- four hours to soak and then proceed to pickling the fish in a sweet, spiced melange of herbs, onions and lemons. Forget buying these things; it's fun turning off the boob tube and getting in the kitchen and cook!




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