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House-made Buns

by | Jun 14, 2013 | Bread, Brioche

While maintaining a levain at work for sourdough onion rings, I sometimes play around, make a loaf or pizza dough for the kitchen staff, but no real bread production per say.


That changed when I tried ordering hamburger buns from my bread company and was told I'd missed the cut off for the day. Oh well! I proceeded to feed my levain and the next day made my own buns, olive oil version brioche. Pretty nice results, although a nice retarding would of lent to a more even final product. Still, I was pleased!




  1. mavery@mail.otherwhen.com

    They look very nice, but I gotta say that was a ballsy and risky thing to do. No, not the danger that the buns might not turn out – you’ve probably got a dozen bakeries within 4 blocks.
    What if the customers had loved those rolls so much you were stuck making them again and again? LOL!

  2. Emil cokolat

    Hi there. Those look really good. Any chance you could share the recipe ?

  3. Jonitin

    Hi Emil,
    They’re olive oil brioche…just used oil instead of butter.


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