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Sara Ballerini’s Pizca Good Bakes

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Bakeries, Bakers, Micro bakery

Not long ago on twitter, I met Italian baker Sara Ballerini, who now lives in Spain. Both Sara and I have a love for all things fermented. Since our first meeting, I've enjoyed Sara's support as a lover of great tidings from sour dough, baking, and ovens. More, Sara has managed to overcome the Euro crisis, her smarts and skills translating to opening a micro-bakery in the Spanish city of Sitges, near Barcelona. It's called Pizca Good Bakes (in English, "pizca" translates to "pinch"). To celebrate her opening, I decided to play with a formula she shared with me. My adaption is in percentages and makeup of flour, but in line with a fantastic new bread partnership of hearts and dreams.

Grazie Sara!

Sara kamut  (%)

IMG_8645 IMG_8651


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