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Tramezzino (Sandwich)

by | Jan 20, 2014 | Bread, sandwich

While posting some bread photos on Instagram, a follower asked if I knew how to make trammezzino bread. First, I had to Google trammezzino. I found out it's a name coined by Gabriele D'Annunzino for sandwich made famous at Turin's Caffe' Mulassano.Trammezzino bread is basically a white pullman loaf whose crusts have been stripped, the goal to resemble an English tea time sandwich. It's often filled with tuna, eggs, or charcuterie.

Intrigued, I had some sourdough ready to adapt this milk-bread formula for my translation. I also substituted olive oil for butter or lard,(strutto). The dough was given a two hour bulk ferment, giving me time to go watch a televised football game. I then hand mixed it, and after a few folds, it felt silky. I shaped it into my pullman loaf pans and let it rise, then fell asleep giving it five hours to proof. In the end, it had a wonderful texture and taste. Filled with some nice proscuitto, mortadella and cheese it was fantastic!


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Traa4 Traa5Tramma


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